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Hey there,

Are you passionate about electronics and would like some project ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Below are some robotics & RC projects which I have already finished, started or am planning to start soon. I will be sharing with you my progress on them and showing you how you can build them yourself! Many of them are arduino or atmel AVR based, but some will require more powerful processors like STM32 ARM. These projects will be released on my instructables page so if you’d like to make cool things and learn new skills, follow me to stay up to date! Below are some of my past projects which I’ve released as free tutorials on instructables. Even further down the page are my current projects and the progress on them.



Project 1: Arduino Cybot

Overview: This project involves “Arduino-fying” this robot, i.e. replacing it’s non-programmable processors with a programmable Arduino UNO. It is a fun introductory project to robotics for those who haven’t done much programming and happen to have bought Cybot from Eaglemoss’ “Real Robots” magazine issues (it has long been discontinued, however you can still buy the parts online new or in great condition if you’re willing to search for them).


  • Arduino plugged in and controls motors fine
  • Light sensors working
  • Line follower working
  • Currently looking to install Bluetooth or other wireless module to control it via commands from the serial monitor
  • Currently looking for a homemade solution for using Cybot’s ultrasonic sensors, might use comparators for processing the signals.


Project 2: Laser / IR Serial Communication

Overview: This project involves taking input text from the arduino serial window and automatically encoding them (to make them robust to errors in transmission) & sending to another computer via a modulated laser or IR signal. Data is received through a photodiode module.


  • Successfully setting transmission speed (bits/sec) and sending serial window text input over laser or LED, however transmission speed must be hardwired in transmittor and receiver software before execution
  • Currently working on setting transmission speed at transmitter end and automatically detecting speed at receiver end


Project 3: Arduino Android Bluetooth Quadcopter

Overview: This is a truly homemade-from-scratch quadcopter (not using pre-made flight controllers or chassis). As the title suggests, it will run on arduino and be controlled via an android mobile phone! It will essentially consist of an arduino pro mini, a bluetooth module, a 6-axis gyro and a small homemade motor controller circuit. I’m aiming to make the entire quad roughly palm-sized.


  • Parts ordered and received in the mail
  • Tested bluetooth module with pro mini, no compatibility issues, works fine


Project 4: Multi-channel Universal Handheld Controller

Overview: controlling your robots via mobile phone or wirelessly from computer is great and all but soon we’ll build a multi channel controller (with joysticks and all) that can be used for the quad, cybot and almost any other robot or project by simply reprogramming it! I’m hoping to add in the following features:

  • throttle/rudder joystick and pitch/yaw joystick
  • button trimming
  • tilt control
  • mode select on OLED display
  • Bluetooth / NRF24L01+ / WiFi / 433MHz RF options


  • Designing phase


Project 5: Bipedal Dino Robot

Overview: for those who are really into dinosaurs (like myself), I own a quadruped pleo robot dinosaur and I’ve always wished Innvo Labs would also make a bipedal version. Until then, I’d like to make one myself. Here are the features I’m hoping to include:

  • ARM processors
  • servos actuated limbs
  • colour camera vision
  • visual + auditory machine learning
  • emotions & personality


  • Planning phase


Project 6: Ultra Micro Collective Pitch RC Helicopter

Overview: This project involves making an ultra micro sized flight controller to make the smallest collective pitch RC helicopter possible. I may have to 3D print some parts.


  • Planning phase


More projects to come…

These projects will be released on my instructables page so if you’d like to make cool things and learn new skills, follow me to stay up to date! For now, here are some of my recent Instructables projects to get you started:

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