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Hey, Andrew here. I’m an engineering student, and HobbyTransform is all about microcontroller projects (i.e. arduino, raspberry pi) and robotics.

Getting started into electronics and robotics for me was initially really hard because I didn’t know how to give my projects AI and program them…

…that is until I learnt of these nifty little devices called microcontrollers (i.e. the long reprogrammable black chip on the Arduino Uno) and my skill went through the roof since then.

I’d like to give back to the open source community by spreading the word on how easy it is to get started in this hobby with Arduinos. If you’d like to learn more, check out my review below:

==> The official Arduino kit I recommend for starters

I’ll even share with you my projects & how to make them with awesome tutorials on my social media pages below. They’ll range from simple circuits to quadcopters to robotic computer vision.

If any of that sounds like your cup of tea and you’d like to stay updated, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, PinterestLinkedIninstructables and reddit.

Have any questions ? You can reach me through the contact form on this page below or on the social media links provided above.

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